Walking Mountain


The characters, concepts and landscapes come fresh-minted: they feel absolutely new - a bit like Philip Reeve's... It's beautifully written. It's warm, funny, sad, happy - and did I mention that it's incredibly inventive? Do read it. You won't regret it.

by Sue Purkiss
Awfully Big Reviews

... seemingly a simple “quest” story, with interesting central characters, encountering a diversity of new people and places ... but behind this the novel is subtly asking deeper questions of morality or rightness of behaving to others. Images and thoughts linger. 4/4

by Hilary White

This is a truly amazing story. The idea is a mammoth one and takes us into the realms of Douglas Adams and our world being just a small part of the cosmic whole ... I have read and enjoyed this author’s work before, but on this occasion she has taken it to a new level and I can only look forward to the next book that she decides to write. 5 stars

by Margaret Pemberton
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This is a book of great invention and marvellous ideas ... It is perhaps inevitable that any book that can be described by the phrase "epic quest" evokes comparisons with "The Hobbit", and it's a comparison which is entirely justified in terms of the way the world Joan Lennon has created draws the reader in and keeps you completely enthralled.

by Undiscovered Scotland
Undiscovered Scotland

Walking Mountain is one of the best books I've read in a long time ... a hidden treasure.

by The Bookwitch
27 June 2017 - The Bookwitch

In a nutshell: thoroughly charming and original fantasy adventure

Joan Lennon’s new fantasy adventure is hugely entertaining, with a vividly described other/future world, and as unusual and appealing band of unlikely heroes as you could hope to meet. When they realise that the mountain on which they live is moving, Pema’s family send him to the nuns on its summit for help. Things don’t go to plan, and instead Pema and a girl called Singay, reluctant and rebellious novice, break into the mountain itself. There they find Rose, an alien, inadvertently responsible for the moving mountain. The three set off together to save the world, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Their journey will be dangerous, and full of more unexpected adventures. Lennon breathes real life into the quest formula, filling the story with light, life and humour, and making us feel more and more attached to her characters as the story unfolds.

by Andrea Reece

Another compelling futuristic story, fantastic and baroque. Lennon’s world is laced with captivating detail, from the strange animals, gows and marmoldes, to the extraordinary figure at the heart of the story, The Meteor Driver

by Vicky Allan, Senior Features Writer
The Herald

Well, I loved Silver Skin and Joan Lennon has done it again! Walking Mountain is a staggeringly imaginative story of wonder and adventure, taking you on an epic journey that will stay with you long after you turn the final page. The world is like nothing you’ve ever seen, told through a group of fantastic characters who find themselves standing between the world they know and complete disaster. It’s cosmic, it’s crazy, it’s wild and totally, totally brilliant. This book can’t come soon enough!

by Jamie Harris, Birlinn
3 Feb 2017 - The Very Best of Birlinn’s Books You Must Read in 2017

Walking Mountain is such an unusual and, for that, refreshing addition to the world of teen and YA fiction. It's set in a world just slightly to the side of reality making it relatable but also it imagines fantastical lands and beings. Joan Lennon has created a story with quite complex sci fi elements reminiscent of Pratchett and Le Guin but all told with real clarity and an energy that makes it such a pleasure to read.

by Janet Smyth, Children and Education Programme Director
Edinburgh International Book Festival

• Llew Harrison, age 10 - A dramatic adventure involving fake identities, crazy ladies, faith, riding in the Aubergine and seas splitting open... Star rating:*****

• Miyah Smith, age 11 - This is an excellent book, well written and sometimes quite moving. I would recommend it to most people my age.

• Harsh Budhdeo, age 10 - Interesting and really liked reading it.

• Bella, age 10 - When the story got going it was really really good. I loved the journey and the friendship, then ending was really exiting and good too.

• Seren Daly, age 10 - The Walking Mountain was exiting, adventurous, tense, and sad. You won't regret reading it.

• Rose Hopkins - When I say I love this book I really mean it – it’s now my favourite book and I’m looking out for other books by this author.

• Emma, age 11 - I found this book very hard to get into but if you have a good imagination then it will be easier to understand.

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Lovereadingforkids Reader Review Panel

This is a tale that bears repeated readings. From its curious beginning to its romantic, cinematic end, Walking Mountain is testament to the scope of Lennon’s imagination. It is magical, with just enough grounding in the concerns of our time on this blue-green planet to make Walking Mountain a story that illuminates the rocks beneath our feet as much as those meteors grazing – or perhaps escaping – far above our heads.

by Jacqueline Thompson, Emerging Critics Project
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